All employees in HIRE must carefully read all information below and answer the questions at the bottom before being allowed to start working after Easter 2021.

HIRE requires that you send us a copy of a negative corona test after returning to Norway. (The most important test is the one you may take 7 days after arrival in Norway!) . You must know that it is free to test for Corona virus in Norway if you use the municipal services (kommunale tjenester).

If you live in Oslo, you can order a free corona test here:
All other municipalities (kommuner) also have online booking for free corona tests. Do a Google search to find the correct online booking for where you live.

HIRE requires that you respect all the quarantine rules after returning to Norway.

  • If you again take a new corona test on the seventh day after arriving in Norway, and this is also negative, then you can go to work already on the eighth day - instead of waiting until the eleventh day. In other words: You can get away with only a 7-day quarantine if you also test negative exactly on the 7th day. If you do not get tested on the 7th day, you must complete a 10-day quarantine when you return to Norway.

  • Under no circumstances will HIRE send you to work if you have not completed the quarantine, or share a room (e.g. bathroom or kitchen) with others who are either in quarantine or should have been in quarantine.

  • There are strict requirements for the type of home that is approved as quarantine housing. It will mainly contain a private room, a separate kitchen, a private bathroom, and a separate living room where only you stay. Documentation of living conditions during the quarantine period must be presented at the border upon arrival in Norway.

  • If you do not have an approved quarantine home, you will be sent to a quarantine hotel. Your costs for this will be approx. 500, - pr. day.

  • Even if you have not been abroad, you must also carry out a full quarantine if you have been in close contact with someone who is either in quarantine or should have been in quarantine.

  • You must start on one new, full quarantine period if you are in close contact with or sharing a room with someone who arrived in Norway later than you did.

Under no circumstances will HIRE offer you a job until the points below have been answered and documentation submitted:

Have you sent a photo of your return ticket to HIRE? (plane/ferry)

If you went to holiday: What date did you arrive in Norway?

Have you sent a photo of a negative corona test to HIRE?

Have you understood that you can shorten the quarantine period if you take a corona test on the 7th day?

By writing my name below I confirm that I have read and understood ALL the points above.

My name (First name + Last name):