NORSK: Info Covid-19 HIRE (Norsk)

ENGLISH: Info Covid-19 HIRE (English)

(These above documents may be updated from time to time).

•  NORSK •
Hvis du er permittert er det viktig at du kontakter NAV, så raskt som mulig.
På grunn av sterk pågang hos NAV er det viktig at du ikke ringer eller møter opp på NAV kontoret,
men at du går inn på www.nav.no, velger riktig språk i menyen øverst og laster opp dokumentene de ber om.
Dersom du av ulike årsaker ikke får logget deg inn på NAV, må du sende papirene pr. post.
Det er godt beskrevet på sidene til NAV hva de krever at du sender inn.

If you are laid off (permittert), it is important that you contact NAV as soon as possible.
Due to a massive traffic at NAV it is important that you do not call or show up at the NAV office,
but that you go to www.nav.no, choose the correct language in the menu at the top and upload the documents they request.
If for various reasons you are not able to log in to NAV, you must send the papers by ordinary mail (snail mail).
It is well described on the pages of NAV what papers you are required to send in.

En informasjonsvideo som omhandler permittering og dagpenger (NAV) 
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NHO says: We have received some inquiries that some staff in the staffing industry have a D-number but not a bank ID. To register for unemployment, you need a bank ID or electronic ID. Electronic ID is obtained by meeting in person at the Nav office. The office is now closed to the public. What do you do then? The answer is that you can now have a telephone meeting with NAV to fix these things. 

If you choose to leave Norway, be aware that you have to calculate that you must spend two weeks in quarantine before you can meet at work and our office. This may apply for many months to come.

Call us if you have any questions!

Marta: 973 18 860

Wojciech: 479 33 848

Olga: 483 24 445

Beredskapsplan ved smitteutbrudd (HIRE)

Smittevern på byggeplasser (BNL)

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Permittering og dagpengar – informasjonsvideo til arbeidstakere from nav webinar on Vimeo.