Log on to your HIRE portal to find your Oppdragsbekreftelse / Confirmation of work. 

Link to portal: https://hire-portal.crmasp.no/HirePortalWeb/Account/Login


NB 1!
From April to July 2018 there may be a problem to log in if you have forgotten /not got a password. This is because the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have made it necassary to make some alterations in the system. During this periode, please contact someone at the HIRE office. They will send you the paper again. Remember: We also always send the Confirmation of work to you on email.

NB 2!
Due to work on system you may not always find the hourly wage stated on the exstentions of ongoing projects. The first Confirmation of work on a new assigment has all the information regarding wages, overtime and travel money. To find out what date the job is supposed to end, please look at your very last Confirmation of work