Guide for Obtaining a Norwegian Bank Account


Pa Polsku

STEP 1: Acquire a Norwegian national ID-Number or D-Number

You have to meet up in person at your nearest Skattekontor (Tax office).

You can use the above link to find your nearest Skattekontor. When you visit the Skattekontor you need to bring the following documentation:

– Passport

– Labor Contract

– Oppdragsbekreftelse

The Skattekontor will then do an ID-check of you and you will receive a D-number which acts as a temporary Norwegian identification-number. After you do the ID-check the Skattekontor will send you a D-number within 10 days. You can choose to have it sent to either your e-mail or postal mail.  

STEP 2: Gather needed documentation

You will need:

– Your passport.

– Labor contract from Hire Norway.

– Oppdragsbekreftelse

– Norwegian D-Number

STEP 3: Locate your nearest bank

On You will find a map which will help you find your nearest DNB-bank. You can of course choose to use a different bank, a full list of Norwegian banks can be found here:

STEP 4: Visit your nearest bank

Now all you have to do is gather all the documentation from step 2, bring it to your chosen bank and create an account.  

STEP 5: Keep us informed

Contact us and give us your account number and D-number so we can pay your salary!